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Introduction to Penny Stock Investing

cap stocks are traded over the counter (OTC) through market services
such as pink sheets and OTC bulletin board. They are common stocks that
trade for less than $5.oo per share. Daily trading volumes can be in the
hundreds of millions of dollars. In the U.S., penny stock commonly
refers to a stock trading outside of the major exchanges…NYSE, NASDAQ
or AMEX.

Unlike the major exchanges, there are only minimal requirements to quote
a stock on the OTC:BB. Frequently, stocks listed on the OTC:BB or pink
sheets cannot meet the standards of the major exchanges. nevertheless
there are companies on the OTC:BB and Pink Sheets that are both
excellent quality and high volume stocks.

Due diligence is the first requirement in the purchase of a
small/micro cap stock.

of the micro/small cap companies are neophytes in their market and are
not known outside of a small circle of investors. It is the intention of
NYC Penny Stocks to expand that circle to include investors who will
place penny stock companies in their portfolio if they are given enough
information to make an intelligent investment decision.

NYC Penny Stocks is determined to be the researcher/catalyst/provider of
This information to the growing group of investors who are becoming
believers in the power and potential of penny stocks.

What Do We Believe

stocks in the form of micro/small cap companies that might not be on the
major exchanges or listed by (traditional) stock brokers can still have
the quality and resources that should be of interest to the savvy
investor. These companies do exist in a multitude of industries and

Because of the large volume involved, what is necessary to sort them out
is for someone to spend the time required on research and due diligence
on these companies in order to identify them.

We feel that the general entrepreneurship and
aggressive philosophy of many micro and small cap companies helps them
to maintain a cutting edge approach to their business endeavors. even
with this in mind, it is still necessary to proceed with caution when
investing in penny stock companies.

Due diligence, company financial operations criteria, and industry
information are all necessary in order to make an informed decision on a
stock purchase.

That is the job of NYC Penny Stocks.

How Does Penny Stock Formula Work

Penny stock formula and other trading tools work in two ways, one is the actual stock scanning software that will find the top penny stocks that are breaking out with volume spikes or have support and resistance levels being hit. How this works is you will make your own list of penny stocks to use for the scanner or I can recommend some for you, then the custom indicators will go through each stock and give you signals alerting you of possible profitable moves. The second part is me teaching you pattern recognition techniques to look for when analyzing your stocks. What is pattern recognition and how does it work? The market moves in certain cycles over and over and there are different patterns that are extremely reliable in predicting the outcome of where a specific stock is going. I teach you these setup patterns so once you click on a chart that looks good all you have to do is see if the pattern matches or not, if the setup pattern matches then you may choose to enter the stock.


Here is the quick run down:

  • Every day the scanner will highlight stocks from your list that the indicators picked up on.
  • You click on the specific stock chart and check if there is a pattern setup that looks like the ones I will teach you.
  • If the pattern is not right you go on to the next stock, if the pattern is right you can then choose to enter the stock the next day on market open.
  • You will take your profits the stock has given you or hold while maintaining your stop loss targets to which I will show you how to do as well.

Getting You On The Right Path

You have to understand that the financial markets are what is referred to as a zero sum game where one person wins and one person loses on every single trade that is executed on a daily basis. In other words, the market can be extremely brutal if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, that can all change for you if you take the right steps, if you do your due diligence and are willing to focus on making money in the market.

Most people do not consider who is on the other end of their trade and how they are going to take that person’s money (before the other person takes their money). Instead, they just hope and pray they get lucky. Most amateur investors have this notion that profits will just appear out of thin air. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

What’s Actually Required?

Investors never educate themselves about the best penny stocks to buy or learn the reasons why penny stocks move the way they do. Nor do they get the help and guidance from experts who have been there and done that. Everyone knows that’s one of the quickest ways to success. You must listen to those that are doing what you want to do.

Well, today you can make the right choice, and take the required steps. If you want to learn from a real trader, then you must consider this one-of-a-kind stock software.


The first several copies will be available for the low price of just $499.

Extra details on what we offer — and how you can get started:

  • No trading experience needed
  • Gets you huge profits in market crashes and down markets
  • Experience the stock trader’s life in real time
  • Can be used anywhere with your laptop
  • Introduces you to the best times of the year to buy penny stocks
  • Lets you start with a small amount of money
  • Absolute best penny stock software available (and most affordable)
  • Actually designed by a professional stock trader
  • Results are unbelievably accurate
  • Daily picks receive 10 to 30 percent moves, but can be as high as 3000%+
  • Can predict, days in advance, penny stock pumps so you can profit with the pros
  • Makes winners out of you in good markets or bad, it doesn’t matter
  • Shows some simple techniques that you can use quickly to follow the smart money

Once you learn this software, experience the benefits, and actually see these simple patterns that produce over and over, you will rest easy knowing that profiting from stocks consistently is now your reality.

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Penny Stock Formula gives you access to everything behind the scenes. It’s a unique penny stock software program that explains the exact methodology that I’ve used to extract consistent profits from the stock market.

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